About Me

12271233_10205709114590868_906138092_oWelcome to my heart and my passion.

I’d love to give you my life long story about how I finally figured out this whole “do what you love” in life bit.  I have to thank my husband for believing in me and for encouraging me to take this leap.   I’ve learned it takes a lot of patience and sacrifice to follow your dreams.  With every family, newborn, or mother to be that I photograph…I learn something new.  Every session is unique in its own little way and it’s what I love most about what I do.  I found something so amazing in picking up my camera and capturing moments in people’s lives that only a photo can do.  My hope through my photography…is that you will find a smile behind every picture and memory behind every moment captured in that picture. I hope you will always be able to look back at these frozen moments and feel something so unique and so special.   Having the ability to capture such special moments in my client’s lives is something that I take so much pride in.  I hope you enjoy all these little faces and special smiles!!!